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, the victims were not seriously hurt. >>> a massive tent city in san jose filled with homeless people has been getting bigger and bigger. and now that city is gearing up to clear everybody out. the makeshift encampment is located on spring street between taylor and heading streets. the city says it's now grown to have at least 100 people living there. nbc bay area's arturo santiago is live there this morning. arturo, you had the chance to talk to some of these people. what's the plan for where they'll be heading after the encampment? >> reporter: a lot of them just plain don't know, jon. the number of homeless who are currently living in this field off of spring street, the number only keeps growing in the last few weeks. so much so that the city's decided to take deliberate action to move out the encampment. dozens of tents are scattered throughout the field. the population of the tent city has grown to more than so100. the goal is to have this tent city gone by the end of the first week in march. the city's nonprofit organizations have been reaching out to the homeless camping in the area, o
. >>> search crews have found a body in the rubble of a kansas city restaurant that was destroyed by an explosion and fire last night. the body has not been identified, but one employee at that restaurant is still missing. the massive fire was triggered by a natural gas explosion yesterday evening near an upscale shopping area not far from downtown kansas city. as of now, officials say 16 people were hurt. three of them seriously. the exact cause of the plablast under investigation. but witnesses reported smelling natural gas hours before that explosion. >>> a disturbing story out of southern california. a body found wedged in the water tank on the roof of a downtown l.a. hotel has been identified as that of a missing canadian woman. her body was found yesterday after guests complained of low water pressure. police are still investigating how her body ended up in that water tank. >>> pleasant hill police this morning releasing new sketches of two suspects wanted for a home invasion robbery. investigators say the pair targeted a home back on february 7th on wendy drive just off int
wrapped up here at pier 48 with ed lee announcing that this city's oldest manufacturer, the anchor brewing company, will be building a new brewery, restaurant and museum at this location, making them the first tena tenant. anchor brewing tells us they've outgrown their current location, which they'll still keep, but by adding pier 48, they'll quadruple their production of beer, bringing 200 new jobs to the city while at the same time, creating a new experience for fans of their brew, which has been in sf for 117 years now. >> we see this as being a bustling center in san francisco. there will be so much going on here. we'll have people wandering around here, going on tours. it will be a destination for locals and tourists alike, so we're very excited about the potential we have for exposing anchor to the world. >> so, what we see is increasingly the front door of the ballpark. people coming from the south bay into our ballpark and they have this great brew pub and manufacturing facility and then the rest of mission rock is a public park, kind of like a chrissy field for this side of town t
championship. boohoo. the parade started at city hall and made its way to their stadium, where the players shared the trophy with the fans. >> fistill a great season. the super bowl set all kinds of records and not just down in new orleans. sports fans bidding a $98.9 million in nevada casinos for sunday's ball game. most of those bets coming from gamblers banking on the niners. twitter says there was a record number of super bowl posts as well. more than 24 million compared to the almost 14 million that happened last year. they're also near record ratings with 111 million watching. that was set in 2010 and 2011. >>> new this morning, pittsburgh police have arrested a man they say is responsible for a hit and run that injured a woman and two children. we have more with who that man is and the charges he's facing. >> good morning to you. neighbors tell us they're certain ly upset by this. among the people hit, two small children, but they also tell us they're not totally surprised that it happened at all. even where these people were crossing, they say that drivers often just don't slow dow
news. >>> this next one is a law that could impact nearly every restaurant in san jose. city leaders want to ban styrofoam takeout containers, the proposal going up for a vote next week. community groups are lending their support to this idea. arturo santiago joins us live. you just heard city council members and environmentalist groups speaking out on banning styrofoam takeout on restaurants. what are they saying? >> caller: this proposed ordinance that would ban styrofoam food packages took nearly two years. they feel they can finally get it done. environmental groups along with a san jose councilman gathered at the park to pry open a manhole cover in order to access a storm water capture device. this cylinder was installed last summer and has not been yet cleaned out. it filters out garbage from 68 acres of storm water runoff. the idea is to show the advanced amount of polystyrene that can pollute our storm water system. save our shore, california clean water action and save the bay are all speaking out in favor of thf proposed ordinance. they all agree that tough poll sis
. >>> that intense debate continues over a gun store in los gatos. it was another packed house last night at the city's town council. more security was brought in after robert chang found a death threat at his home last week. chang sat out in the audience, next to his attorney, but did not say a word. >> about access to guns, there are plenty of places to purchase a weapon. the question is why do we need to be one of those places? >> i think they're running a good shop and i don't think they intend to hurt anybody in los gatos. >> the council discussed passing a moritorium that would put a freeze on opening a new shop until the council is able to come up with regulations. >>> san jose's casino matrix is is suing the city of san jose citing a conflict of interest. it alleges that the gaming division administrator admitted under oath that he does consulting work for indian casinos, commercial casinos and racetrac racetracks. as we reported in january, it was the gaming commission who recommended against allowing them to open the high stakes gambling. the police chief agreeded and now, the matrix wants
, the city of san jose has wanted to erase this eyesore located in the heart of japan town. you're looking at basically a five-acre patch of old plant growth, weeds and concrete. instead, turned into something like this. these renderings show how this sight might be revitalized. the recession put a botch on that, but now that the economy has improved, the developer is interested in moving forward. today, the city will decide on whether or not to approve the sheet with williams and dane development. if approved, the developer would be able to move ahead with plans to seal a deal, a deal that would sell this lot for $24 million, allowing the developer to bring this place back to life. the plans call for retail, a creative center for the arts, a green space for farmers and 600 apartment units. >> i don't particularly like the idea of so much wrerental. i'd rather see homeowners. in there, but you know, some things -- i think there is a need for rental housing in the area. >> san jose getting big. a lot of people are here now, so i think it will help this area more. and but it's really quiet.
city of pretoria. >> it dhe did not appear today. the police are still conducting their investigations. >> reporter: he is idolized by people across this country, a country with no shortage f of national icons but he is certainly one of them. so his court appearance willing watched incredibly closely by people right across this country. nbc news, pretoria. >>> happening right now, hundreds of passengers stranded on that carnival cruise ship in the gulf of mexico now on their way back to dry land finally. this is new video of the carnival "triumph" being pushed towards mobile, alabama. jay gray is in mobile, alabama, where that ship was expected to dock within the next hour or so. jay, now we're hearing this could actually happen a lot later. >> reporter: yeah, jon. carnival cruise lines has confirmed that it will not dock until some time they say between 8:00 and 11:00 local time, central time. i just traded text messages with someone on the ship who tells me that they've been told midnight local time would be the earliest that they would make it in. so some confusion there. the proces
to a police pursuit, then a crash at a shopping center in union city. it began in fremont yesterday afternoon after police went after a stolen mercedes. the chase ended at union city's union landing shopping center right off 880 after the suspects hit a tree before slamming into six parked cars. the owner of one of those cars says he was inside a movie theater at the time and had no idea his car had been hit until later. >> the person that committed this crime, you know, by hijacking the gentleman's mercedes, he caused all this mess where people like me and her were just enjoying our sunday at the movies. >> one woman was inside her parked car when it was hit. she was taken to the hospital for treatment. >> happening right now, the search intensifies for two adults and two children lost at sea for more than 16 hours now. this morning the concern is how long that family could survive out in all the frigid water there about 65 miles off the coast of monterey. bob redell joining us live at the coast guard station on yerba buena island. >> reporter: you can see over my right shoulder the coast gu
are investigating whether the shooting was gang related. this is the city's fourth homicide of the year. >>> we have a possible arrest to tell you about after a deadly shooting at an oakland community event. that shooting happened downtown during the monthly community gathering called first friday. the bay area news group reports police arrested somebody on saturday, but the suspect's name will not be released until the d.a. files formal charges. one person was killed, three others injured last friday night. mayor gene kwan promising to increase security around this event. >>> fairfield police are still looking for answers and a suspect after a girl's body was found in a park on friday. a memorial was held on friday for the 13-year-old from sasoon city. her naked body was discovered friday by a homeless man. he says there were no sign of trauma, but police say this is a homicide. the girl bass last seen leaving nearby green valley middle school thursday afternoon. classmates have built a makeshift memorial for her in alan witt park where her body was found. police are reviewing video from nearby sur
to resign. it is a very big deal. mary ann ahern is live in vatican city. what's the atmosphere like out there right now? >> reporter: it has been a most unusual day, marla, very dramatic. when the pope met this morning starting out his day with cardinals, you could tell that they had so much affection for him by their applause. each one stopping and speaking to him. and even a few handing him notes. he had words for them telling them that he would be obedient to the next pope, to his successor, asking them as well to show unity in their selection of who would follow him. then the dramatic departure by helicopter as he left the vatican. the bells rang throughout rome and truly you would just have to have a cold heart not to be impacted by the sound of those bells, realizing what was happening. some eight years ago, they rang when he was chosen. and now here they go again as he leaves, the first to do so, the first pope to step down in some 600 years. his speech to all of the crowd, in his blessing, he said, thank you, thank you, i am a simple pilgrim, it has really been quite a couple of
in the mid to upper 60s in some cities today. not even close to the warmest day of the week. this continue s all the way through friday. another mild and sunny finish, then we get into the near record highs wednesday, thursday, friday. >> nice. >> holding on to it for saturday as well. >> music to the ears there. near record highs, 70s? >> i can do it in falsetto, if it would sound better. >> i would pay for that. all right, we'll look forward to that. thank you very much. >>> still ahead, we're one day away from the president's state of the union address. we'll have a preview on what you can expect to hear from president barack obama coming up. >>> our san francisco giants are headed for the desert. we'll take you to spring training in arizona where the orange and black will get ready to defend their world championship. >>> go daddy best known for its sexy commercials finally comes out to silicon valley. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a
view at the city's inner parkside neighborhood. around 2:30 this morning the main broke flooding the streets and nearby homes. cars practically submerged. the break also caused this sink hole. take a look at that. the water just washed out the mud underneath the asphalt. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at the scene with the very latest. plenty of cleanup ahead. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, what a morning for residents on 15th avenue. i poke to one teenager who woke up to the sound of rushing water. and he got up and his area rugs in his room were actually floating. this intersection was completely covered in mud. you can see the cleanup is under way right now. outside just up the street, though, a huge mess. exactly why this pipe broke is still unclear but there's a huge sic hole that's opened up. adrian torres is pointing out the high water line in his bedroom. >> i was sleeping and i just woke up and i heard like water coming in from outside. so i got out and i stepped in water. and i got shocked. >> reporter: he made it up these stairs
jose high rise. the body of the 24-year-old was found near the city heights condo complex, that's located on st. james and san pedro. at this hour, still unclear how that woman died. but police think she may have fallen from one of the higher floors of that complex. they say it appear to be simply a tragic accident. one neighbor says he woke up and heard the commotion. >> i checked my phone. i heard screaming and yelling, and so i piqeeked out the windo and i didn't see anything. i'm looking at this parking lot here. usually on thursday night it's party night. i usually hear some stragglers, drunk stragglers yelling, getting in their characters whatever. i thought it was one of those nights. >> he said his father called him when he saw the story on the news and told him what happened. it's still unclear whether or not that woman lived in that building. the coroner now in charge of this investigation. >>> a school in fairfield has been ransacked by robbers. two armed men tied up a janitor and stole 40 ipads from sem yeto continuation high school monday night. they told the custod
left city hall in 1990. this is in regards to his death, of course. his poll sis helped the city climb out of financial ruin between 1979 and '89. his funeral will be held monday in manhattan. he was 88 years old. >>> a developing story to tell you about in alabama where a 5-year-old boy is still being held hostage by a gunman inside of an underground bunker about thap bunker currently surrounded by law enforcement. authority assist the gunman could hold out for several more days. his name is jimmy lee dykes. he allegedly grabbed that boy off of a school bus tuesday afternoon after newt chuting and killing the bus driver who was trying to protect the kids. that bunker is located on dykes' property. authorities there have been able to talk to the suspect through a plastic pipe. >>> also an alaska airlines flight landed safely after that pilot simply passed out. an airline spokesman telling us the plane was heading to seattle from los angeles when it had to make an emergency landing in portland late last night. the pilot did regain consciousness before the flight actually landed. a docto
was wearing a gray sweater, skinny blue jeans and a pink backpack. she lived in sassoon city and lived in a foster home. this is video of her recording a message with friends, typical teen video now haunting to those who want answers. >> all we can do is pray that she's in a right place, you know? >> reporter: fairfield police tell me that that press conference today will most likely happen around 4:00 this afternoon. i'm also told there will be a candlelight vigil for genelle here friday evening. reporting for nbc bay area news, christie smith. >>> a street car accident has been reported, and this one looks to be pretty serious. serious injuries happening in san francisco. >> the cable car crashed with another vehicle at powell and washington in san francisco. san francisco police just confirming with our newsroom that one person has life-threatening injuries but in all five people are involved in this cable car and car crash in san francisco, powell and washington. >> once again, five people injured. total one life-threatening. we'll keep you posted on the accident at powell and wash
until 2025. the issue will go before the assembly in march. >>> san francisco city leaders calling for concerns that the city may have to pick up the tab of the america's cup races. the money was supposed to be coming from private donations but fund-raising has simply stalled. the race has been downsided considerably from more than a dozen teams to a mere three. one of those teams, by the way, the red bull youth, will be in town today getting ready for its very first qualifying races. >>> bay area eateries bringing serious flavor competing in "bon appetit" magazine's first ever most important restaurants in america list. winning four of the 20 spots including the number two seat. that honor going to napa's the restaurant at meadowood. others include manresa and mission chinese food in ninth. san francisco's swan oyster depot rounded out the list at number 20. the most important restaurant status not only means delicious food. judges say these restaurants provide an experience defining how america eats out. >> i know for a record, you are a connoisseur of fine food. >> i love to eat
in the city of clayton. and it's only open six hours a day, six days a week. this cut as a result of a failure of measure "q," the contra costa district parcel tax. residents are trying to come up with creative solutions to help fund emergency services. for now, the station will only be staffed between 2:00 in the afternoon and 8:00 at night monday through saturday. >>> it's raining, it's pouring. the old man is snoring. is that right? >> bumped his head -- >> when he went to head and he couldn't get up in the morning. >> talk about full service. >> it's raining out there, but nothing like we're getting ready to experience on the east coast. i like to put a little positive spin on things whenever i can. we need that rain. let's show you. the bulk of the moisture has come through the bay area. right here in the south bay at 11:09. what we're expecting from this system, we're not out of the woods just yet. all this moisture racing towards morgan hill. be there in about half an hour. and on its way to gilroy in 45 minutes. spotty activity throughout the day today. the steady rain, at least for no
. at this time yesterday we were already in the mid-60s in many cities across the bay area. a significant drop-off in temperatures. we're expecting a difficult drive to work tomorrow, the bulk of the moisture is slated to come through in a 7:00 to 11:00 a.m. window. then we'll see our snow levels drop off, then a cold blast following in behind it. we're also expecting the development of isolated thunderstorms, some strong enough to produce that pea-sized, dime-sized hail. i'm watching these thunderstorms. it looks like we'll see a little bit of hail in the bay area. the best chance will be in the higher elevations in the afternoon. afternoon to the evening hours, though, once we start to stabilize, we'll start to see a little bit of sunshine and then a dry stretch ahead. but it's going to take a while for that cold air to mix out of here. so it's going to be a cool, damp week overall. >> time for me to get my uggs out again. >> the comfort, chowder, the uggs. >> i'll have to hang out with you two when it rains. >>> in just in. the longtime owner of the lakers and the man who injected showtime
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